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Increasing productivity and reducing costs through effective asset maintenance management.


About Us

What we do

 Business Maintenance Solutions BMS saving you time and money with asset management.

We develop and maintain company asset registers, preventative maintenance schedules critical spares lists and audit schedules. For you r production, commercial real estate, fleet-based businesses as well as the medical industry.

Accurate maintenance management is critical for business practices, production, continuity and risk management.


BMS has been formed to provide services to;

  • Production based businesses
  • Commercial real estate
  • Fleet based business
  • Medical imaging centres, hospitals and medical centres

Setting up and managing asset registers and preventative maintenance schedules for all aspects of the business.

For production facilities this includes but is not limited to, service schedules for machinery, recording and reporting down time, machinery repair costs and spare parts inventory management.

Commercial real estate services include safety equipment inspections such as fire extinguisher/hose reel, emergency lighting inspections and test and tag. Setting up and maintaining asset register.

Fleet management includes scheduled services recording and reporting on unit down time, safety checks, fuel consumption as well as setting and maintaining up asset register.

All of the inspections, work orders, history and spare parts are maintained within a CMMS system which provides the ability to report on many different levels from entire business overview, state or site, and specific machinery/area.

This level of reporting provides businesses with measured vision of where trouble spots are within their specific process.


Chris Gale

 Chris has more than 30 years’ experience in maintenance starting as an apprentice and moving through to maintenance planning and asset, operations management. Chris has extensive experience in setting up and managing asset registers for specific businesses.

Jennifer Gale

With over 30 years in finance and business operations.

Jennifer started out in the finance sector then moved into teaching business for many years until the past 3 years she has put all of these skills and experience together to help with the business operations side of BMS.


Why choose us

Whether you are managing multiple assets or multiple facilities, BMS makes it easy to build the data, track asset history, prepare critical parts lists, organize inventory and prepare your preventative maintenance schedules.

BMS delivers actionable insights to all stakeholders with analytics, tailored reporting and real time data.

BMS will save you time and money with effective processes. 





View real time data

One cetralised data base

Manage parts and supplies across sites

Track, report on and audit assets

Improve asset utilisation and performance

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